[COVID-19 Initiative] Affordable E-Commerce Website plan for IKS, SME & Startups

[COVID-19 Initiative] Affordable E-Commerce Website plan for IKS, SME & Startups

With the increasing demand from businesses to start selling online due to restricted offline sales & trading activities from the lengthy MCO & MCO 2.0, eWallz has partnered with IKS.my Portal to provide an affordable & working solution for those who are looking to start their own e-commerce platform with minimal risks, as well as very low capital. For this we’re introducing our specifically tailored functional e-commerce packages called Instant eShop Done-4-U (D4U).

What is Instant eShop D4U?

Please review the introduction video (in Malay) below for a quick overview.

In short, “Instant eShop Done-4-U” is an e-commerce package that consists of a ready made design & ready to sell website. A beautiful e-commerce design layout has been set up for users with flexibility for the site owners to make it unique by changing their own logo, theme color, image banners, contact information and many other elements. All the back-end e-commerce configuration also has been setup based on the standard function of a basic online store so that site owners can start selling online instantly. With a low monthly pricing scheme, the Instant eShop Done-4-U will makes the cost to start an e-commerce website more affordable for small businesses and startups.


5 Main Reasons Why You Should Choose Instant eShop D4U?

  1. LOW STARTING COST – On average, similar e-commerce platform may cost you RM2.5k and above to be build. Not many businesses can afford a high initial investment to go online especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. LOW RISK – Based on our years of experience in developing e-commerce websites for our clients, we have seen many of the e-commerce sites ended up closed down after a few months of operation mainly due to lack of management & marketing, high competition, or simply internal organization issues. With our D4U package, site owners may cancel their subscription any time if the e-commerce platform does not suit their business or for what ever reasons they may have.
  3. READY IN 24 HOURS – With each of the e-commerce element fully configured, we’re confident enough to get the website ready & online within 24 hours (for original package). Even if client choose to add various addons/functions, the total development time will be greatly reduced so that site owner can quickly start selling & generate revenue.
  4. EASILY EXPANDABLE – The original package itself is already packed with all the necessary tools & module to successfully run your own online store. Not only this, we build the package as a standalone e-commerce platform that can be easily expand with thousands of other features such as Multi-tiered product pricing, Agent System, Affiliate System, Multivendor Marketplace, Telegram Shop, Booking Products, just to name a few. The whole ecosystem can be exported & migrated between servers too. It is also possible to turn the original package into a full featured supermarket platform.
  5. BACKED BY EXPERTS – eWallz Network’s team of web designers & developers has been in the e-commerce business since 2010. With a steadily growing good track records in e-commerce website building as well as other web application development, we have identified various merchant requirements and e-commerce trends that are available for integration within the package. On top of this, we are providing onboarding online support via Telegram Group & email for all active users so that they can learn & get the most out of the platform and able to generate revenues via this platform.


What Will You Get from the Package?

Subscribing to D4U eShop is not like other typical procedures to build a website whereby detailed discussion & brainstorming are required between the Web Developer & Site Owner to identify the client’s requirements, website layout design, e-commerce process flow, domain & hosting, site contents and bunch of other stuffs that usually ended up with a customized projects with increased in development cost & time.

On this D4U eShop, 95% of the regular stuffs has been DONE FOR YOU (D4U) for the main purpose to cut down the development cost & time to make it more affordable for entrepreneurs to own an online store. We just need a little information from users in order to make the platform unique and at the same time to build their own online branding. Upon ordering, clients are entitled for the following:

  1. Setup the eShop exactly like the Demo Store advertised (https://rosemall.iks.my).
  2. Change these branding items: Contact info, 1-theme color, Social Media links, shop logo.
  3. Keep your website stays online as long as you’re with us so that you can sell online 24 hours a day.
  4. Keep 1-backup copy every month for your peace of mind in case of disaster happened.
  5. Provide Telegram & Online Support so that you won’t be left behind and we want to help businesses to succeed.


Affordable E-Commerce Web Package


List of D4U eShop Features:

Original Package Specifications:

– Unlimited Products
– Unimited Categories
– Manage Your Own online store
– Mobile Responsive Online Store
– ReadyMade Clean Design E-Commerce Site
– Online Payment Gateway Ready
– Powered by WooCommerce Store CMS
– Click&Set : Ready to Sell
– FREE!! 1GB Web Hosting for 1 Year
– FREE!! iks.my Subdomain OR Use your own domain (*extra cost)
– FREE!! Simple Web Logo
– Unlimited Contents
– Secured with SSL & Cloudflare Firewall
– Sell only in Malaysia
– Pick-Your-Own Theme color (1 color)
– Ready within 24 Hours
– Online User Guides & Telegram Support
– Easy Upgrade & Add more features anytime! (*extra cost)

E-Commerce Features:
– Shipping Method: Flat Rate fee, COD, Free Shipping.
– Payment Method: Bank Transfer, Raudhahpay (FPX & Credit Card – SSM required)
– Single Language/Currency
– Basic product pricing & Add-to-Cart

What’s NOT Included

– Additional settings & adjustments
– Any graphic design
– Any marketing/seo tuning
– Any other tweaks or performance tuning
– Any maintenance tasks
– Any product setup & other tasks

Addons (*Extra Cost)

– Use own Domain Name
– Upgrade Hosting Storage
– Setup domain email
– Sell Worldwide
– Add extra functions/features
– Add other Shipping/Payment methods
– Items NOT Included above can be added as Addons
– Other services or customizations


How to Order?

  1. Register an Account on eWallz Portal by clicking REGISTER button.
  2. On this product page, fill in your desired free ‘Subdomain’ in the Extra Info box.
  3. Click the SUBSCRIBE button and proceed with payment.
  4. Our Support Team will get in touch with you with for additional information.
  5. Your eShop will be ready & online within 24 hours.
  6. Need help with ordering? Simply chat or whatsapp us!



Fee free to Call & Whatsapp our Support Team at  603-5523 0791


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