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It’s easy! Just refer our services and earn online! Join our affiliate / sales agent program. We will gives out commissions to sales agents.
When you recommend a friend or client to eWallz and they sign up for our any web design package and services, you will receive minimum RM50.00 CASH towards your account!


How It’s Works?

  1. Introduce a friend or client to any of our web design services.
  2. You can use our website and it’s contents as reference.
  3. Guide them to fill in the online order form, give details as much as possible.
  4. During the form registration, your friend or client MUST mention your name or email in the “Referral” column.
  5. Once the details submitted, we will processed the order and liaise with the client on the agreed cost.
  6. When the deal is on, your commission will be paid.

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We loves to Share Our Expertise!

Are you interested in combining your business with eWallz Solutions and get more market reach? We’re open for any partnership proposal related to our product and services.


We welcome the following business to contact us for partnership:

  • Site Owner
  • IT Outsourcing Firm/Agency
  • Web Hosting Provider
  • Online Directory / Portal Owner
  • Freelancer in Web Design, Apps Developer & Graphic Designer
  • Individual Consultant

If you are interested in becoming eWallz partner, please contact us via email to

Tired of maintaining your own websites? You should spend more time on your business and focus on how to generate profit. Why not just let us help you with all the technical stuffs in the background?

Updating sites, doing backups, creating promotional banners, etc sometimes take a lot of time to complete while you have clients or customers need to be attended on your door steps.

We can be your Virtual Assistant on the following tasks:

  • Website Updates, Backup & Maintenance
  • Hosting, Domain & Email Setup
  • Graphic Designs such as online banners, logo, etc
  • SEO Maintenance & Related task such as keyword research, keyword performance, etc
  • Website Troubleshooting & Optimisation
  • Online E-commerce Assistant


If you would like to hire us to become your Virtual Assistant, please contact us via email to

Sometimes things go far beyond of what we can handle. Or we don’t have the required skills to complete the task. Outsource! Is the simple solutions!


You don’t have to drop the task or leave the job unattended due to lack of resources. Just outsource them to eWallz Team and we will quietly do the task in the background, only liaise with you.

  • Best quality of works delivered
  • Fast turnaround
  • Detailed quotes and time frame before commencement
  • Excellent competitive rates

If you are interested to join our two-way outsourcing team, please contact us via email to