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Look no further! Let our knowledgeable team do it all for you, from hosting and plugin updates to content management and custom development.

We can provide ongoing website maintenance and enhancements after launch. The ongoing process updating content/information on the website will keep users interested and encourage frequent site usage. We understand that this is too costly to have an in-house resources or a full-time staff dedicated to maintain the website. That’s the reason we have curated these website maintenance plans to suit most of your requirements.

The costs and time required to keep a website running well can vary greatly, so we want to provide you with a range of options that will suit your needs. You could choose for us to periodically update the site with new features or tailored specifically for your needs; alternatively, you could elect for us to host all website content on our secure server and manage all aspects of security for you.

Why outsourcing WordPress Web Maintenance good for you?

Tired of worrying about your website issues?

  • As a business owner, you want a fast, secure, and reliable website, but you don’t have the time, patience, or expertise to do it on your own.

Fed up with unreliable contractors or expensive agencies?

  • You shouldn’t have to waste your time chasing ‘missing-in-action’ freelancers or paying outrageous fees for subpar service. You need a website partner you can trust.

Check out Our Detailed Curated Plans for you

If you have questions about WordPress Maintenance in Malaysia, please contact us and we’ll do our utmost to find a solution to match your requirements.

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Website Technical Support
No. of WP Setup Supported 1 WordPress Site 1 WordPress Site 1 WordPress + WP Multisite
Scheduled Website Backup1* Quarterly (onsite) Monthly (onsite) Monthly (onsite)
Web Hosting Management Basic Basic Basic
Page Creation2* 2 normal pages/month 4 normal pages/month
Update Existing Contents2* 10 edits/year 5 edits/month 10 edits/month
Google Analytics Setup
WooCommerce Support
Existing Product Edit 10 edits/year 5 edits/month 10 edits/month
New Product Creation 1 product/year 2 products/month 4 products/month
Downtime Monitoring
Custom Modification3*
Security Enhancements4*
Performance Enhancements4*
Core/Plugins/Themes Updates5*
Webmastering Service2* 5 hours/year 3 hours/month 5 hours/month
24/7 Helpdesk Support System
Whatsapp Support
Responsive Support 2 Business Days 2 Business Days 1 Business Day
Minimum Contract 1 Year 2 Months (Neg) 2 Months (Neg)
July 2024 Promotion RM500/year
Normal RM990
Normal RM499
Normal RM990
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Pricing Guide + Server/VPS Maintenance For website only. Server/VPS Maintenance is available below. For website only. Server/VPS Maintenance is available below. For website only. Server/VPS Maintenance is available below.

Scope Explanation:

  • 1* : Backup retention is based on available free disk space on hosting/server.
  • 2* : Extra fee will be charged for additional tasks upon plan limits at standard rates (From RM200/article page & From RM100/edit). Content must be provided by client or additional charge per article composing.
  • 3* : Custom Modification only covers existing website function and limited by plan Webmastering Hours. Special customization will be charged separately on case basis.
  • 4* : Enhancement work covers only Onsite features. Not including external or 3rd party service such as Cloudflare, Remote scan, etc of which will be charged separately. For VPS/Server side enhancement, please add-on the Essential VPS/Server Maintenance Plan below.
  • 5* : Software updates excluding any paid license renewal.

Not ready to commit to a yearly/monthly retainer? We also offer ad-hoc single task retainer service for RM100 per hour or quote you on case by case basis. Simply drop us a message!

Looking for VPS & Server Maintenance Service?

Your server requires regular maintenance and tuning to perform at its best. At eWallz, we monitor, protect and tune your servers. You can focus more on the product and let us take care of the supporting hardware & software.

5 Reason Why Choosing Our VPS/Server Maintenance Service

  1. Personalised Support: You had purchased a VPS/Dedicated Server from provider X, but when issues arise, you have to submit ticket to their system and wait for their reply. You want a quick fix, but again once called the support personnel, they will ask you to submit a ticket too. We have dedicated IT Support team and we don’t over sell. Tell us your problem by all means, we’ll create the ticket for you.
  2. Quick Fix Priority: Whenever quick fixes is possible, we will implement them for you to minimize your website downtime & reduce damages to you business.
  3. Team of Expert: We have dedicated team for system & server maintenance. With over 5 years experience managing many type of deployment including Linux/Windows VPS, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Based Servers, On-Premises Servers and even Shared Servers.
  4. We Talk Your Language: Your server provider may or may not get the exact issues that you’re facing. Users with zero or minimal IT background may need to submit multiple support tickets until the Support Personnel understand the problem and actually fix it. But eWallz Team, we talk both language between You and the Technical Support. We’ll extract all the information from you to create a compact useful support ticket that can be easily understand for the technical support to get the job done faster.
  5. Simply Affordable: Some VPS Hosting & Server providers may offer your their own Server Management Plan. Comparing our scope against them, our’s is definitely more affordable.

Essential VPS/Server Maintenance Plan (RM300/month)($80/month)

  • Single Server/VPS SysAdmin Tech Support.
  • Expert advice on Server Status.
  • Monthly onsite Backup (if not available).
  • Uptime Monitoring (status page included).
  • Storage/Disk Usage Monitoring.
  • Hosting Resource Monitoring.
  • Basic Bandwidth Monitoring.
  • Error Logs Monitoring.
  • Automated Server Downtime Email Notification.
  • 5 Hours Tech Support Monthly (For tasks related to hosting). Additional hours can be added on case to case basis.
    • Email related tasks.
    • Installation tasks.
    • Domain DNS related tasks.
    • Hosting Configuration related tasks.
  • Basic Quickfixes Priority.
  • Informative Support Ticket (to your Service Provider)
  • Whatsapp, Phone, Email, Helpdesk Support Channel.
  • *Major Server Tasks are not included and will be quoted per case basis:
    • Change of Server Stack Setup.
    • Server side Performance Tuning.
    • Major OS/System Upgrade/Migrate.
    • 3rd Party Services Integration.

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