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  1. What is Billplz?
    • Billplz is one of Malaysia’s fast growing online ‘payment gateway’ which utilize the local FPX platform. Expandable via APIs and can be integrated with Credit Card payment processor such as Paypal, 2C2P, OCBC and more to come. More Info >>
  2. Accepted Currency?
    • Billplz ONLY accept MYR/RM currency.
    • Conversion from other currency must be done on merchant website before send to Billplz API.
  3. How to register?
    • Registration is currently only open for Malaysian organizations, business & enterprises who are registered with SSM.
    • Individual Account is not being offered anymore.
    • Go to here to register an account:
  4. Eligibility for Account Opening:
    • Registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).
    • Bank Account to be used MUST have the same name as indicated in the ROB, ROB or other SSM’s valid certificate.
    • Other requirements, please refer Billplz website.
    • Personal Bank Account is currently not accepted.
  5. Current Packages Offered (2019):
    • Standard FPX Online Banking (Prepaid Credit): RM1.50/transaction, No-Monthly fee.
    • Preferred FPX Online Banking: RM0.50/transaction, RM1500/month fee + Enough Credits.
    • Please refer latest updates section for newer plans.
  6. Available Payment Methods:
    • Online Banking via FPX
    • Boost – Cashless Payment – RM1,500/yearly fee.
    • Paypal
    • Credit Cards via Paypal (3.9% + RM2 per transaction) – RM1,500/yearly fee.
    • Credit Cards via 2C2P (2.5%/transaction) – RM1,500/yearly fee.
    • Credit Cards via OCBC (1.8%/transaction) – RM1,500/yearly fee.
  7. Settlement Period (for normal FPX):
    • Total daily collection (minimum RM0.01) shall be deposited automatically into the authorized bank account the next day (UTC+08:00 Kuala Lumpur) excluding Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Federal holidays. For example:
      • Monday (collection day) > Tuesday (settlement day)
      • Tuesday > Wednesday
      • Wednesday > Thursday
      • Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday > Monday
    • Settlement day shall be the next settlement day if the present settlement day is a federal holiday.
    • Next day means anytime between 00:00–23:59.
  8. Direct Support & Who to contact?
    1. Email:
    2. Billplz KB & Tutorials
    3. Call: (+6010) 7989 480
    4. Facebook Support Group:
  1. Billplz Sandbox or Testing Platform.
  2. Billplz for WordPress Woocommerce Plugin
  3. Billplz for Gravity Form Plugin
  4. Billplz for WHMCS Plugin
  5. Billplz for Prestashop 1.6
  6. Billplz for Prestashop 1.7
  7. Billplz for Easy Digital Download (EDD) WordPress
  8. Billplz for Opencart
  9. Billplz for HTML Based Form Integration
  10. Billplz for Joomla Virtuemart 3
  11. Billplz for WordPress Formidable Form
  12. Billplz for CubeCart
  13. Billplz for Abantecart
  14. Billplz for WP eCommerce
  1. How to Integrate Paypal within Billplz?
    • Accept Credit Card payment via Paypal (Paypal Rates + Billplz Rate)
    • Contact for integration.
    • Please refer here for info.
  2. How to accept Credit Card payment within Billplz?
    • Currently only Paypal, 2C2P & OCBC can be used.
    • Submit an enquiry to on how to integrate the above card processor Account.
  3. How to change bank account details?
    • Please email to (from your login email) if you have a new bank account details and your account status is pending. Or you can apply for a new account and link the new bank account details immediately.
    • Please email to (from your login email) if you need to transfer unsettled total daily collection to a new bank account. The new bank account holder name and ID number must equal the old account holder name and ID number.
  4. Other questions? Please refer here.
  5. How long does it takes for the money to be deposited into my bank account?
    • It depends on the payment methods being used.
    • Example for FPX: Monday (paid) > Tuesday (transfer to account). Paid on Thursday/Friday/Sat/Sun > Monday (transferred).
    • For Credit/Debit Cards payments, different settlement time apply. Please refer the above latest updates settlement time.
  6. How to integrate BillPlz in WordPress Woocommerce Shop?
  7. Need a hand setting up BillPlz in WordPress? Contact Us Here
  8. Does Billplz send notification receipt after payment?
    • Yes. Billplz will automatically send payment notification receipt via email and/or SMS (depends on the plugin settings or API set up). Email is free, SMS will be charged as per stated rates.

Updated: March 2019

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