What is Local SEO


Local SEO is similar to standard SEO services with a focus on getting your website higher up in search engines. The main difference lies in optimizing your website with a specific city or physical location in mind. As web users perform searches for the types of products and services you offer there is a likelihood that they may opt to include the name of the city they are searching in.

This type of work often involves optimizing a website for keywords in addition to a specific location depending on the needs of the client. Whether you have a single location or multiple locations there are strategies available to improve the performance of searches in each location to reach web users in those select locations. This provides businesses with a unique opportunity to reach a local and relevant audience online.

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Let Us Help You Improve Your SEO Performance

Move your business up the organic listings.
Avoid paying for each click.
Show your local listing plus information such as number and opening hours.
Location-based Keyword Analysis
Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools Setup
Technical SEO Audit Content & Site Structure Analysis
Content Promotion and Website Partnerships
Company Business Profile Creation and Optimisation (Google My Business, Bing Places, etc.)

Which? Local SEO or Standard SEO?

One of the major differences between organic SEO (Standard SEO) and local SEO lies in the results. Organic SEO focuses on achieving higher search results for keywords that are often general or tied to a specific type of product or service. With local SEO the focus is on keywords that are regionally specified in order to attract traffic from a specific region rather than general Internet users. This increases the possibility that web users will be within a specific area and will be able to make a purchasing decision as a result.

How Can Local SEO Help My Business?

If your company offers products and/or services to a local audience, local SEO can become a tool for driving additional business through the front door. Through various optimization strategies focusing on specific regions potential customers looking for the types of products and/or services are more likely to find your website and your contact information when performing a search across the various major search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). Click keywords below to see how local seo works:
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