What to do to keep Business running amid Covid-19

What to do to keep Business running amid Covid-19

Covid-19 Affect Malaysian Business

Has your business affected by the Coronavirus?

With the recent developments around the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), let your customers know if you’ve made changes to your daily operations. We recommend doing at least one of the following:

  1. Update your Google My Business contact information and provide customer on how they can reach you or get your services online without visiting your office.
  2. It’s the best time to setup an online platform or cloud office to get your business moving. They’re a lot of ways to make it work, Google G Suite & Microsoft Cloud Office 365 are some of them.
  3. Get your website up online if you have not. Business Website is very important asset to communicate with your online customers. It also can be your efficient 24/7 marketer, as well as one of the best product seller if you’re offering any products or services online.
  4. Get your website revamped. A good and updated website content will reflect first time customer impression of how you’re doing business. Updated contact information is a must, or else you will lose many potential leads & customers. A mobile friendly & easily accessible website is essential since 80% of internet users will use their mobile phone to search for business or products.
  5. Collaborate online among the staff. It is important to keep your staffs healthy & safe during this outbreak seasons so that they can serve the company in longer term. Utilise various online collaboration tools to achieve this purpose, such as Whatsapp Group, Telegram Group, Zoom App, Google Meeting and many more.

What we do to help businesses survive amid COVID-19?

Offering up to 30% Discount to new Projects with 100% Online Collaboration.

  • With the closure of office and resource cut down, we understand how hard it is for a small & medium business to generate sales. Hence, we’re offering a complimentary up to 30% discount on any web development & mobile app project that utilise 100% online collaboration.
  • Discount offered is based on total project cost with minimum of 10%.
  • Eligible if you’re agree to collaborate with us from start to finish 100% via any available online communication & collaboration methods. Believe in us. We have successfully completed 60% of our previous projects using this method.
  • How to get started? Simply contact us for free consultation.

Online Marketing & SEO Service to push up your Ranking.

  • We offer various Online Marketing methods, SEO Services and Paid Ads Services (Google Ads & Facebook Ads) to help promote your business on Google and other social media.
  • Affordable pricing plan for Biz Starter to Multinational Companies.

Create A New Website for your Business to keep it rolling.

  • Modern Design and Mobile Friendly.
  • We cater various type of websites, from a standard Business Profile website to a fully functional E-Commerce Marketplace.


Other than the above, we’re not just offering products & services, but our main principle is to offer you ‘solutions’ to your problem. Simply drop us an email at hello@ewallzsolutions.com or Whatsapp us at +6012.4196.706 or call us at +603.5523.0791 to get in touch.

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