How to Add/Create New Email Account Inside cPanel

How to Add/Create New Email Account Inside cPanel

1) Login to your Control Panel (cPanel) account with your username and password at

2) Select “Email Accounts“.

cpanel email setup

3) Enter your new email account username and password as shown below.

cpanel email setup

Note: You can enter your own password or choose a randomly generated password by hitting the “password generator” button.

For mailbox quota, you can choose “unlimited” or either setting your own disk size. Disk space is allocated in Megabytes.

Press “Create Account” to confirm changes.

4) Finally, you will see the following confirmation to notify you that your account was successfully created:

“The email account email_account with the login username+domain and the password password with a quota of megabytes was successfully created.”

 email setup

5) After this is complete, click the Go Back button. You should see your new email account at the Table below.
email setup

You can now access your webmail by clicking on “Access Webmail”. Alternatively, you can set up your own Microsoft Outlook 2007 or Windows 8 Mail Applications email accounts and access from there.

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